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My Services


I currently work full time in a DevOps role in Enterprise Systems.

Software Developer

Big Air Community Broadband is Australia's leading provider of Managed Internet Services for student accommodation, and a division of the publicly listed BigAir Group Limited (ASX:BGL).

The captive portal hotspot software used by BACB is developed by me.

Beveridge Internet Hosting

bevhost.com provides the following internet services

  • Domain registration - register domains .au, .nz and gtld such as .com, .net & .org
  • DNS hosting - Domain Name Service with one server in Australia and one in USA
  • Web and Email hosting - WHM/cPanel Control Panel allows domain owners to have control over all their settings
  • Antispam / Antivirus Email scanning - postfix MTA with clam antivirus and various policy servers and content control systems

easyssl.com.au sells SSL certificates to secure your web sites and mail servers.

actshop.com.au sells ACT! and addon products. ACT! is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package which has many add-ons and I discovered that there was no-one offering a retail website which sold ACT! and the most popular add-ons as a one-stop-shop.

domains.bevhost.com is an offshore entity which sells low cost domain names which do not attract a GST TAX charge, which offers .au, .com etc as well as .co.uk, .asia and many others.

David Beveridge
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